Cabernet Filet Mignon Steak with Fondant Potatoes & Seasonal Veg


Fillet of Beef
Cracked Black Pepper
Rock Salt
175 ml Red Wine
Beef Stock
Baby Onions
Whole Black Pepper Corns
Tomato Puree
Charlotte Potato
Vegetable Stock
Clarified Butter
Olive Oil
Asparagus (when in season)
Baby Carrots

Season Fillet of Beef with Salt & Pepper then seal in a pan browning on all sides, remove from pan then add chopped Celery, Onions, black peppercorns, carrots, Garlic and a sprig of thyme then sauté for 5 minutes the add red wine the reduce by half, the add beef stock and bay leaves then reduce.
Peel then caramelize baby onions with butter oil and sugar until golden brown
Drain sauce in a colander then put back in pan and further reduce then gradually add 100g of butter to thicken
Peel and cut potato into a circle fry on both sides in clarified butter and crushed garlic then add vegetable stock half way up potato then season with rock salt and cracked black pepper and add in a sprig of thyme then bake in oven on 170 degrees or gas mark 6 for 35 minutes

Boil Asparagus for 2 minutes then remove into ice water, then boil baby carrots for 5 minutes then remove into ice water, then remove from water and griddle seasoning with Olive oil cracked black pepper and rock salt

Then arrange on plate drizzle over sauce and it is ready to eat


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