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Aborio Rice, 2 cups
1/2 Onion
Veg stock, one cube
White Wine 150ml
Mushrooms 50g
Salt & Pepper
Garlic 50g
Butter & Olive Oil


Rump Steak 5oz
Gravy mix
Red Wine 150ml
Onion ¼
Cracked Black pepper


Dice onion and slice mushrooms. Sauté in butter and olive oil till transparent add chopped garlic.
Add rice stir until coated. Gradually add veg stock and white wine.
Stir continuously for 15 minutes until rice is soft. Leave aside the rice to thicken.

Season steak and fry until medium, leave aside to rest.

Sauté onions, add rest of wine, reduce wine by half, add water, then stir in gravy mix and add cracked black pepper.

Place risotto on the middle of plate.
Slice steak in 2 then place on risotto and drizzle red wine sauce.



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